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  1. lumberman

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    I was amazed to see her doing explicit videos with Michelle R! She was always one of my favorite teasers with her little tits and great butt! Now she has ridiculous looking bolt-ons and has gained weight! If there's any videos/pictures of her transitioning from one to the other I would like to see them! :(
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  2. ElectricRed33

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    Also one of my favorite models as well. I don't think there was anything in between TTL & the MR camshow. Def a shame there was nothing in between but I'm damn happy to see her being pretty explicit. Wish she didn't have the bolt-ons.
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  3. Mikehunt

    Mikehunt New Member

    Easily one of the worst sets of bolts ons ever.

    She might look okay with clothes on, but wow does she look awful nude. I rarely care but I kind of feel sorry for her disfiguring herself like that in hopes of making a few more sheckels
  4. Just4Mods

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    She got pregnant at 16, thats why she stopped abruptly from TTL. She had a c-section, which you can see the scar easily in her video with Michelle. Also, if any of you dont know any latina moms in real life, i can assure you, the sag is real, hence the bolt-ons. She didnt just get them to cam, i can guarantee they looked terrible with out them. She is now camming on her own, her sn is andreahsexy# Also, i have a feeling Mary is next :)

    P.S. Emily Reyes has piercings and theyre glorious!
  5. lumberman

    lumberman Member

    If you're talking about the girl on the horse, I agree 100%! I hope to see more of her but not straight to HC! Is Emily Dulce?
  6. Just4Mods

    Just4Mods Member

    Yes the one on the horse, but no shes not Dulce, theyre 2 different girls. I emailed the webmaster asking for more sets with her "jewelry" and he said he'll see what he can do. Shouldn't be hard, you can tell that girl wants to get naked. I think he just f'ked up tho making updates goal based. Gonna really hurt sales.
  7. TheNar

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    she was so beautiful why would she need fake books? i didn't even recognize her

    has michelle done any new camshows with any of her old gal pals?
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  8. XXX213

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    What is the Official Cam Site that Michelle, Andrea, and Mary use?

    EDIT: Nevermind found it on
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